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Dr. Christine Parker is Associate Professor and Reader at Melbourne Law School, University of Melbourne and also an Australian Research Council Australian Research Fellow. Christine’s main research focus is empirical research on internal corporate compliance systems, motivations for corporate compliance and the impact of law and regulatory policy on corporate compliance. Her major book on this topic, The Open Corporation: Self-Regulation and Corporate Citizenship , was published by Cambridge University Press in 2002. She also researches the ethics and regulation of lawyers and is currently doing empirical and policy-oriented research on ethical infrastructure in law firms. She has published two books on lawyers’ ethics and regulation ( Just Lawyers , 1999, OUP; and Inside Lawyers’ Ethics, 2007, Cambridge – co-authored with Adrian Evans).
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Dr. Vibeke Lehmann Nielsen is Associate Professor at Department of Political Science, Aarhus University. She researches and teaches in public implementation, street-level bureaucrats, regulatory enforcement and compliance. Vibeke has published in different international journals like Public Administration, Law & Policy and Journal of Law & Society.

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